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Floral Cuff

Floral Cuff

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A Washday Floral Cuff is a stunning collection of seasonal blooms arranged and secured on a solid brass, copper or silver (aluminum) cuff.  Cuffs are now available in petite, standard and wide wrist sizes.  No ribbon, tulle or elastic!  Think of it more like floral jewelry.  

This Spring 2020 I will just be offering a limited amount of personal flowers for those who wish to still honor the special graduates and milestones associated with this time of the year.  I will be offering two color options - neutral white and spring mix.  

I wish I could color match all of the dresses, but because the quantity of orders is drastically lower than a regular season, I will not be able to buy the quantity needed to fulfill specific custom requests.  I hope you understand. If you have any questions, or need to place a bulk order, please email washdayfloral@gmail.com