I have loved flowers my whole life.  From the zinnias, poppies and hollyhocks of my mother's flower gardens in California to the flower fields and markets I have had the pleasure of working in at Belvedere Farm here in Maryland, I have always believed in the beauty of bringing the outside in.  

Being the daughter of an event planner, my roots in floral design began twenty years ago in college, where I spent time taking design courses, putting my skills to work during my summer breaks at home arranging flowers for weddings and events with my sister and mother.  After I married an east coaster, my skills were honed as I worked as a florist for two retail shops before moving out east to start a family.  My husband David and I have settled here in Fallston, Maryland with our three young boys.  

As my boys have grown older I have been able to once again find time to devote to the art of flower arranging.  I worked for Belvedere Farm for 6 years, designing and selling at markets, helping with event design and marketing.  After needing a landing place for customers to view my design work,  I created a website with pictures of my work.  

Floral design isn't the tidiest of hobbies and after years of tearing apart my kitchen every time I had an event,  I took up residence in my laundry room, where I could work floral magic next to the hum of my dryer.

I called it Washday Floral.

And after five years of dancing around dirty socks, we picked up shop and moved into a brick and mortar just minutes from our home.  It has been a wonderful experience to have a place where the beauty of flowers and kindness and community collide. It really is a special place and we hope you'll stop by soon. 


Tiffany Rueckert