We are booked for the weekend of May 14-15. Orders for the weekend of 21-22 taken until the end of this week. No orders being taken for Memorial Day weekend. Any questions, please email washdayfloral@gmail.com


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For the first time Washday will be offering classic flowergrams for a fun way to surprise someone this Valentine's Day!  We are hoping that our flowergrams make into the hands of friends, family, special teachers, wonderful neighbors and the great people in our communities that help spread the love in this world. 

Each flowergram will have a rose in a cellophane sleeve and come with a small kit for decorating and customizing each one.  In each kit will be valentine-inspired fabric or ribbon, a washday tag, a blank tag, string and heart stickers! Such a fun activity for all ages. (If ordering in bulk quantities all supplies will come in one bag to cut down on packaging). 

We really are so excited to offer these this year with so many valentine's day parties and activities cancelled.  Hand-delivering in person or a classic doorbell ditch is sure to bring a lot of smiles on Valentine's Day weekend by both giver and receiver.