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Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkin Centerpiece

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For the first time, Washday Floral will be offering a pumpkin centerpiece to add to your Thanksgiving table this year! White pumpkins will be purchased and hollowed out by my children, who will in turn be paid to earn Christmas shopping money.  The pumpkins will be filled with an assortment of carefully sourced blooms in two colorways: Cranberry (pictured with fuschia, purples, burgundy) and Harvest Gold (oranges, golds, burgundies — more traditional colors.) Each colorway will have deep greens and loads of texture. 

The pumpkins will be about 8-12 inches wide, and the same amount in height. 

Tommy’s famous olive oil and sea salt pumpkin seeds will be available to sample upon pick up at my home on Wednesday, November 27th . Pick up also available at The Nest on Main in Bel Air. 

 I will only be making 10 total, so just be sure to reserve as soon as possible! Each arrangement, if properly watered should last at least a week! 💛